Rigging & Plant Relocation Services

India is a large country & a fast growing economy with manufacturing and infrastructure projects spread around various regions & states of India. While there is a considerable presence and availability of rigging and plant construction services in heavy to very heavy lift operations in India, the mid segment 5 to 100 tons machinery & equipment including sophisticated very high value instrumentation & machinery is largely serviced by unorganized, unskilled and ill-equipped local work force and cottage level small service providers.
We at Siddhartha Logistics, have sensed this opportunity and have developed a strong team of trained, skilled & semi-skilled human assets and have also invested in owning professional and unique handling equipments, tools & tackles, all moveable from site to site at short notice including the latest in our fleet to join a 50 Tons, Pick & Carry, Tri-lifting handling equipment, the only one available in India. A glance through the picture gallery will give you an insight on this important service of Siddhartha Logistics which is also widely appreciated by all our clients resulting in repeated orders. All our handling equipment are certified for safe operations & the workmen are also trained to ensure carrying out safe rigging operations at all times. Our support vendors share our understanding equally, thus, ensuring a seamless rigging operation onsite.

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