Foreign Trade Consultancy

Indian Exchequer draws considerable support from revenues collected as import duties, as part of indirect taxes, like in any global trade, a large part of International Trade with India is also between related parties. In a globalized economy a web of multi country trading transactions are common. Therefore, the exercise of arriving at true and correct transaction value for the purpose of arriving at assessable value for computing import duties & taxes, is not only a complex exercise but is of paramount importance to the customs administration and trade in India. The Customs Valuation Laws of India are primarily drawn on the basis of and keeping to the sprit of Article VII of General Agreement on Trades and Tariffs (GATT).

The Indian Customs has an elaborate process & procedure drawn for administering Customs Valuation and maintains a separate Directorate of Valuation (DOV) and Special Valuation Branch (SVB). Siddhartha Logistics has a special service for handling the Customs Valuation of imported goods amongst others for Related Party Transactions. Siddhartha Logistics is proud to announces that we have successfully handled highest number of Customs Valuation cases in India, approximately 350+ cases for reputed multinational companies doing business in India.  

We also take up assignments for handling DGFT matters, filing & representing appeals & litigations with Customs, import audits & pre-import business plan assistance, including refunds, closure of bonds/ compliances, essentiality certificates, non-tariff compliances, etc. With our service there is seldom a chance for our clients to appear in the press for wrong reasons. We have a separate department for Foreign Trade Consultancy and Customs Valuation service.

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