History & Background

Established in Mumbai in 1991, at about the same time as India was going through its trade liberalization phase, Siddhartha Logistics emerged as a customs broker and consultant specializing in complex project and machinery cargo imports, under special government incentive schemes.

In order to do this successfully, it was required to do a deep technical analysis of each equipment (individually as well as a part of the whole) including its function, and analyse how that equipment fit into the regulatory framework from a perspective of customs classification, duty structures, eligibility for government schemes and so on.

This approach of Siddhartha Logistics gave birth to the term ‘techno-legal consultancy’ which became one of the key principles for the growth of the company going forward. The company values the importance of saving time and money for its customers. In order to achieve this, it focused on becoming extremely proficient in customs regulations both tariff (involving incidences of duties and taxes) and non-tariff (involving the restrictions and compliances on certain goods and services).

In the process, Siddhartha Logistics has established itself as a significant expert with thorough and practical knowledge of Indo-foreign trade regulations, thus enabling it to design and execute a supply chain which is not only physically efficient but also tax efficient.

For successful cross border logistics, the Cargo must be understood as much more than “dimensions and weight”


Siddhartha Logistics Mumbai Office
The Mumbai Office (Headquarters)

The practical experience of Siddhartha Logistics in actually execution differentiates us significantly from ‘pure advisors’ who may provide opinions on paper but leave execution to other. Siddhartha Logistics is able to design and deliver on solutions.

In order to be successful in cross border cargo logistics, it is essential that we understand the cargo as much more than ‘dimensions and weight’ which are the typical parameters considered when planning logistics

Over the years, Siddhartha Logistics has expanded its presence geographically, and also added several key service verticals such as Free Trade and Warehousing Zone services.

Today, Siddhartha Logistics offers a wide variety of logistics and related services, which are differentiated by virtue of a knowledge-based approach.

Footprint and Reach

Services and Solutions

Customs, 3PL and Freight

  • Customs Clearance & Transportation

  • Freight Forwarding

  • Exhibition and Event Cargo services

  • Project Cargo Logistics

  • Defence Logistics

Free Trade Warehousing Zone

  • Customs and port handling

  • Storage – multiple types

  • Oversize and special Cargo handling

  • Packing and repacking

  • Labeling, sorting and kitting

  • Display and demonstration of equipment

Advisory & Audit

  • Customs classification and duty structures & procedures

  • Supply chain ‘health check’ for compliance

  • Related Party transactions (SVB) handling

  • Compliant and tax-efficient supply chain design
  • Systems for trade compliance and digital record retention

Exhibition & Event Cargo

  • Official On site partner

Rigging and Installation

  • Special handling equipment including hydraulic jacks, & German rollers

  • Factory relocations

  • Oversize/Overweight cargo delivery at site

  • Heavy machinery placement

Industries Served