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Our philosophy & Why Siddhartha Logistics as your partners ?
India is poised to become a completely VAT/ GST based economy in near future. Until it actually realizes it ambitions, most of the Indirect Taxes on goods & services shall continue to get collected at source. Therefore, in various trading transactions often, there is an element of tax cascade and relevant increase in transaction costs.

Unlike developed economies, most of the Indian Tax Administrations, administer Indirect Tax on a real time basis holding your goods and conveyances, right at the arrival/ departure Ports, State Borders, City Entry / Exits and even Factory Gates & Trade Warehouses.

The Foreign Trade Policy of India is guided on the India by the fact that India has vibrant domestic manufacturing/ trading industry in almost all the sectors with global aspirations. Thus, foreign manufacturers / traders are governed under the local compliances, codes and procedures as well. Thus, making compliances of non-tariff barriers extremely important, to enable you access the fast developing Indian market.

We understand these facts, and have mastered the concept of indirect tax administration in India. We lay great importance in understanding the business of our client and thus, have developed specialized services for carrying out all types of international trading transactions / businesses in India.

In our opinion, a successful logistics operator needs to understand this philosophy, which we at Siddhartha Logistics follow and thus, we feel that approach to supply chain and logistics in India is business specific and therefore needs to be a tailor made programme, based on clients’ business.
We plan accordingly and contribute in saving precious time and costs for our clients and truly stand by our clients as their partners in business in India. To know more on corporate understanding,

Contact – Mr. Aranyak Sen – aranyak@siddharthalogistics.com, +91-8939849007.



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