Professional Haulage and Rigging are the need of the industry and business in India, we are one amongst very few in India equipped and experienced to provide such professional services.

Operational Logistics Locations at Ports, Airports and Major Trade centers in India
Owned Vehicles (8 Airsuspension 40' Trailes) Planned for increasing fleet from 26 to 100 in next 3 years
Specialised High-Tech MHE and Rigging tools

The Transport and Rigging Industry in India by and large is operated by unorganised, semi and unskilled operators and workforce. The working systems in practice in many operational locations are very primitive and basic in nature, often without insurance and neglect of crew welfare and absence of appropriate tools.

Today's rapidly developing Industry and business in India demands professional and organised Haulage and Rigging services. At Siddhartha Logistics, we recognise this as an opportunity and have thus set up a specialised division with high-tech equipment and highly trained, skilled manpower.

Amongst various industries such as High-Tech engineering, automobiles, metals, instrumentation, pharma, exhibitions/events, projects, we also serve the Defence and Aerospace Industry including high security, sensitive cargo such as missiles, explosives, bombs and bullion too. We have high-tech shock recording devices with technical support staff to record and prepare route survey, real time tracking, escorting including armed escorts with specialised pilot vehicles and services for sensitive cargo haulage.


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